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The Next Evolution of Investing

Join the StockLift Community as we Propel into the Future of Investing and
Close the Advice Gap

With StockLift, financial knowledge is at your fingertips, with affordable access to trusted financial advisors and free portfolio tracking + analysis. 

Track Your Portfolio Diversification

Our app lets you see how your stocks, bonds, and funds are broken down by sector. See how well your investments are doing by sector and if there are any gaps. All free of charge.

Reach Your Audience

StockLift is a place for financial influencers to reach their target audience. Our users are here because they are interested in their financial futures and want to engage with a community of active investors.

Write Articles

Post articles on StockLift labelled by sector. Sector labels on articles help your articles reach more users interested in your topic, so your writing can gain traction. Share your thoughts on the recent industry and market changes and see what the investing community has to say.

advisor access

Looking for a Financial Advisor? StockLift provides users with a platform to connect with certified financial advisors. Financial advisors display their fees and portfolio requirements before you contact them, so you can quickly and easily find the right advisor for you.  


Your Investment Success is Just a Lift Away

See Your Projected Net Worth

Use our proprietary algorithms to project your net worth over the next 30 years. We factor in a wealth of specific industry data, making our projections some of the most accurate in the market. Insights and changes give you a look into which investments are likely to lead to the most longterm growth.

Plan for Your Future

Compare your performance with the S&P 500 and see your growth estimates. How well are your investments doing? Can you beat the S&P 500 using your current investment strategies? Download StockLift to find out!



Your chance to test out that million-dollar investing idea is here. Try out your investing ideas risk-free in StockLift's newest paper trading game, StockSim. You can add and remove your holdings throughout the competition, compare your portfolio to the S&P 500, and see how other investor's strategies are working out. Try the ultimate investing test run for free today.

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